What To Ask When Interviewing Other Agents

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What To Ask When Interviewing Other Agents 

•  Are you a full-time professional REALTOR®?

•  How long have you worked full-time in real estate?

•  What geographic areas do you specialize in? 

•  How will you keep me informed throughout the transaction?

•  Do you have a staff or a team? If so, what roles will they play in my transaction.

•  Will you represent me exclusively, or will you also represent the buyer.? May I have that in writing?

•  How will you get paid. How are your fees structured?

•  May I have that in writing? 

• What distinguishes you from other real estate agents?

• What is your negotiating style? 

•  May I contact some of your recent clients as references?

•  Do you have a performance guarantee? 

•  If I am not satisfied with your performance, can I terminate our seller representation?