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I’ve found that in life and in real estate, you grow by the people you surround yourself with and the books you read. As an investor and realtor, I have several books to recommend as does each of my staff. Call me and let me know which one you’d like to start with. You can pop by my office and pick it up!

Scott's pick:

The Millionaire Next Door:


Keri's pick:

"Scott and I picked up this book after attending a Dave Ramsey's leadership conference at the Morrison Center a couple of years ago.  We, of course,  want our kids to be smart with their money! I like it the Ramsey approach in general because there is no shame in being a saver or spender and there is representation on both sides in our little family ---both with us and our boys.  I appreciate the giving mindset and the way they advocate a balance between helping kids have both freedom and guidance as they learn."

Smart Money Smart Kids


Stephanie's pick: 

“I”m reading Great Leaders ask Great Questions.  I like how it encourages me to ask questions and hear leadership perspective.  For instance, I used to jump to address what was done incorrectly instead of asking why they did it the way they did.  Now I focus on getting clarity from all sides to see if a change needs to be made to the system.  It’s written by John Maxwell who understands learning from all walks of life. He really understands that no matter where you are, you’re still human. He knows you don’t have to reach a certain level of success to matter.” -- Stephanie Prusia, Executive Administrator

Good Leaders ask Great Questions


Jeremy's pick:

The One Thing

 "I like that it helps focus your attention on what really matters.  It's helped me learn to focus on the 20% of my to-do list that make a difference in my business.  It helps to know that the successful people in life are doing this and getting the results they want!  The book as a whole is strong-- he really speaks from experience and it makes practical sense for anyone in any industry who wants to perform at a high level.  I wish I would have read this as a kid!" -- Jeremy Almeida, Buyer Agent