Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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 These are some items to check this summer to keep your home from having expensive or urgent repairs: 


❑ Clean Gutters

❑ Wash Windows

❑ Powerwash Deck/Patio

❑ Repair Screens

❑ Clean Chimney

❑ Test GFCI Outlets

❑ Flush Hot Water Tank

❑ Defrost Freezer

❑ Clean out Refrigerator

❑ Clean AC Condenser Coils

❑ Replace Air Filters

❑ Clean/Unclog Drains

❑ Clean Disposal

❑ Check/Repair Siding

❑ Touch Up Paint

❑ Clean Grill

❑ Clean Vent Fans

❑ Shampoo Carpets

❑ Check Bathroom Caulking

❑ Clean Shower Heads

❑ Check Water Softener

❑ Test Alarms/Smoke Detectors

❑ Check Roof for Missing Shingles

❑ Restore Deck/Patio


Do you need a pro for one of these jobs?

Call us and we can share our list with you. We know many locally-owned businesses that have done great work for us and our clients.