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I say thank goodness for February. 

We get to celebrate LOVE, chocolate, and presidential days off.  This short month still offers snow sports, but you could probably have fun same-day at the driving range. To top it off, by the end of the month we will gain 74 more minutes of daylight in this fine city of ours. Yay!!!  February 5 begins the year of the Pig-- a good reason to have some moon cake and eat Chinese food.  

Here are my picks and some suggestions for the month.  

Saturday, February 2

Engineering and Science Festival at Boise State University

This event has consistently impressed me. It's big.  You’ll find something fore everyone here.  You’ll find technology businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and for-fun clubs with booths at the show.  All of them offer some kind of hand-on activity  related to science.  It’s a really wonderful thing to do as a family.

stemfestivalSuccess tips:

• Register ahead of time.  You don't have to, but it helps.
• Familiarize yourself with the festival’s MAP of campus the night before.  Decide where to park 1st, 2nd, and 3rd options.
• Study the schedule of lectures/shows ahead of time, too, because there are so many things to do, you won’t get to do them all.
•  See the 45 minute demonstration by Dr. Picklestein who is amazing! (45 minutes: 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm) All Ages, Room 110 in the RUCH Engineering Building
Pack a lunch or prepare to get in line at the Student Union Building.

 Register and learn more>>

 February 22

Boise State Dance Marathon

Too much bad news lately?  Spend some time reading through Boise State Dance Marathon and be encouraged that there is a lot of creative goodness happening right under our nose. 


It’s a 17 hour long dance marathon to raise funds for St. Luke's Children's. Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care. Their motto is “We dance for those who can’t.”  The great thing is you don’t need ANY skill.  If you can only do the twist or the Macarena, or the step-touch-snap-your-fingers 80’s style, it’s okay.  In fact most people don’t dance (there are other activities) I have not participated in this, but I do know that their mission is awesome and they have consistently made some huge fundraising goals since 1993— check this out:


I’m just so impressed.  There is a lot to learn about how to organize, mobilize, inspire, and to go BIG just by reading through their website.  Nice work, guys! 



February- lots of dates 

Boise State Basketball

IMG_6675For those of you who just like to experience different events, live sports are always good- especially a boise state game!  a) It’s live, fast-paced sport b) these are just kids and they’re giving it their ALL without actually getting paid c) it’s great to support something that’s part of your community d) smells like popcorn saltiness, and sweat.  How can you go wrong? Plus, their half-time show isn’t going to make you want to cover your kids’ eyes.  And, did you know that Taco Bell arena has sensory bags for use there? 

**FYI—Taco Bell Arena is the first sensory venue on campus:   “Each bag is equipped with noise canceling headphones, a variety of fidget tools, verbal cue card, and a weighted lap pad to help those with Autism, Dementia, PTSD, or other like conditions.”  Cool huh?


February 2 & 16 

Woo at the Zoo/Paint with the Penguins

Zoo  Boise is very creative year-round in giving us a reason to come back.  I think it’s great because you don’t always get the most active animals in the heat of summer, but you might get lucky in the winter.

First, February 2nd is Wild at Heart Day. That means you get in free and the animals will have special enrichments.  I love it when they give the monkeys something to mess with!  There will also be some Valentine making for your favorite animal. 

Second, Woo at the Zoo is just for those 18+.  It’s about the birds and the bees and the “secrets of exotic animal mating and dating – from the humorous and tawdry to passionate and subtle.”  I’m blushing.  Dinner and chocolates are included!  If you’re looking for a unique date, don’t say I wasn’t any help. It's $50.

Third, Paint with the Penguins!  It's a paint 'n sip kind of activity with wine, cheese, and paints.  Then you get a special behind-the-scenes tour and finally, the penguins get to add their own "touch" to your painting. Okay, I don't know about you, but I hope they don't feed those penguins too much before adding their own artistic flair.

Lastly, did you know that in 2007, Zoo Boise became the first zoo in the country to create a conservation fee?  It is .50 of every admission so, when you visit, you are actually helping save the animals! 

February 9

Girls’ Day Out

This is just a business expo aimed at women, but it’s at the brand new Galaxy Event Center— which is connected to Wahooz.  It’s nice in there.  There will be  “over 100 exhibits in fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, fitness, education, travel “ etc.  I say, if it doesn’t sound fun, make up your own girls’ day out!  At least take a pal to lunch!  Here are some great local foodies to follow on Instagram if you want some ideas.

More details for Girls Day Out Expo>>

February 1
brianwieberFront Street Fights

Our amazingly talented and what I would call the toughest, friendliest guy we know is ready to dominate on Friday.  I can’t think of many sports so soul-baring and daring as this and I have great respect for them through squinted eyes!  And, if you’re like me, you have half of your heart happy for the winner, and half of it broken for the loser. 

So come support Brian Wieber, The SemiColon, with us on Friday, February 1. If you don’t have tickets, they’re selling fast.  If you don’t get there, you can watch on YouTube.

Listen to his story from the Free Roll Podcast.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at this Boise fighter here.

More details >>