Boise's Best November Events

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Warren Miller

November 15-17 at the Egyptian 

This annual ski movie presentation is put on by the Bogus Basin Ski Club.  It’s at the most iconic theater in Boise— the Egyptian. 

This is the way our family likes to kick off the ski season.  You can count on classic big mountain footage with a concentrated group of like-minded people at the show.  It’s not like going to a movie where sometimes there are people are laughing out loud and sometimes they are not or they aren’t even there.  The enthusiasm is shared and it is wonderful.  Even though Warren Miller has died and his legend lives on through “Warren Miller Entertainment.” 


 One year we missed the Warren Miller film and decided to take our very young boys to a snowboarding film.  It was a much different crowd and a much different caliber of film.  The kind you embarrassingly sneak away from with your little ones in tow.   So, I offer my mistakes to you as a warning.  : )

Get tickets and details here

+ Go early and eat at Fork , Meraki, Wiseguy Pizza, or just grab a scoop of custom-crafted ice cream at The Stil.


Empty Bowls

Paint before November 12 at Ceramica

Enjoy Soup on November 23 (the day after Thanksgiving) at Boise Centre on the Grove

emptybowlsEmpty Bowls is a fundraiser for the Idaho Foodbank.  Anyone can paint a piece of pottery at Ceramica, then donate their purchase to the soup feed that happens the day after Thanksgiving. 

This is such a fun event to benefit the Idaho Foodbank. You can either participate by donating a bowl that you paint, or by buying the bowl someone else has painted full of soup made by local restaurants.   Now, this is important, you only have until Nov. 12th to get into Ceramica to pick a bowl and paint it.  Take a friend, take a date, take your son.  The tasty part comes the day after Thanksgiving at the Boise Centre on the Grove from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm.  The line is usually pretty long. 

Tip: DO NOT SHOW UP HUNGRY— like, “Oh, I don’t need to have breakfast because I’m going to eat soup soon.”  The line gets long fast.  It will smell SOOOO good and you will be hangry.  Hangry means you are so hungry that you’re angry and your family is ready to leave you alone.  And that’s no way to start the Christmas season. 

More details about painting bowls 

More details about eating soup 

+ It’s not super cheap.  You’ll pay for the bowls and the soup.  But, of course, the proceeds go to a fantastic cause.  

+ Don’t expect to find your own bowl at the event.  They fill up table after table and unbox more as they go.

+ Go early.  I am a broken record here.   But there are more people in this beautiful city and it kind of shows everywhere.


Rake up Boise

bagsRake up Boise is an event where homeowners who aren’t able to rake their leaves get matched with volunteers who are able to rake.  It’s put on by the Neighborworks Boise.  Last year they helped over a 1000 people get that chore done and out of the way for winter.  Lucky volunteers sometimes get cookies baked by cute grandmas.  It’s fantastic and something that all ages can participate in.  Even if your kids are young, they can certainly come and go through the motions and be a part of something big. 

Scott and I agree that we want model certain things in our lives as normal.  Like, it’s normal for adults to take time to stay physically fit.  It’s normal to brush and floss and eat vegetables.  It’s normal to turn up the music and dance around.  It’s normal for us to give our time, our talents, our efforts to others. And this event fits in so well with that!  Our family has helped with Rotary and with other homeschooling families.  Each year the “help” from our kids gets better an better.

One year we were scheduled to rake leaves and it snowed about 5 inches.  That was cold.  But our team was tough and we shoved those bags full of leaves anyway. 

If you join our team this year you will have the benefit of Starbucks coffee and donuts.  I’m even going to grab some FitDonuts because, well, I like them and they fit in my life better than the other kind.

It's too late to make your own team, so just call Scott at (208)861-0532!  We'll be getting it done Saturday morning, November 10, between 9:30am and 12:30pm. 

+ Burn calories, stay fit, earn your mocha— however you want to spin it, this is a service that can be physically draining.  And for our active family, that is a very good thing.

+ Take your own rakes/gloves/blowers/extension cords

+ Bring your own music or speaker

+ Wear shoes that can get dog poop on them and it won't be the end of the world.  Wear clothes that can get yucky

+  If you are prone to sinus infections, wear a mask.  Those leaves start to mold and the whole event throws up a lot of junk into the air.  If you forget, just make sure  to irrigate (neti pot)  your sinuses when you get home.  


Festival of Trees

35yearsThe 2018 Festival of Trees kicks off the Christmas season with hundreds of trees decorated by different businesses/organizations.  There will take place November21 – 25 with the Gala on November 20 and the Fashion Show on November 26.  Besides a big gallery of trees, you’ll see local dancers & choirs, Santa, an interactive train display, and other  kids’ art, face painting, etc.

Honestly, we haven’t been since we were in the season of “Don’t Touch!” and “Let’s not hang from the velvet rope.”  But it’s great for what it is.  Take your in-laws from out of town.  Take your grandkids and enjoy the Lego booth, virtual reality or scavenger hunt. 


+ Tree lighting at the grove takes place right outside on Friday night from 5:30-7pm.


Wintry Market

November 17 & 18 from 10am – 5pm at JUMP

wintryWintry Market is “a unique collection of the best and brightest.”  I have to agree.  There are uncommon gift finds that make Christmas shopping fun.  Their reputation hit them hard last year with a Saturday crowd that was overwhelming, but I think if you time it right, you’ll enjoy the experience!  My friend, Katie Jennings, makes and sells some awesome hand-painted wood signs and these really cool driftwood trees (Follow her on Instagram here).  We keep ours up year-round in our house.  Katie suggests attending Wintry Market on Sunday to avoid the post-holiday parade crowd. 


+  Admission is free

+  Golden opportunity to find something special-- especially for the person who has everything. Take your Christmas/birthday shopping list



There are two different Thanksgiving races.   Both fun, both in the heart of Boise.


The Turkey Trot Relay Race

This one is great because you aren't necessarily going for speed.  You will register with a 4 person team.  Each team member will complete a two-mile loop through Ann Morrison Park. The team closest to their estimated time will win 4 turkeys! You don't get to use anything to help keep you on pace-- so it's harder than you might think.  

Saturday, November 17 at 8:30am

$60 per team

Register here  

Turkey Day 5K

This race on Thanksgiving morning will rev up your engine so that you're ready to cook, indulge in the foods and end the day being happily lazy. 

Thursday, November 22 at 9am

Downtown Streets

$35 adults/ $14 kids 12 and under

 Register here



There are two this month!

nov-veteransparadeVeterans Day Parade

Saturday, November 3rd at 10:15 AM in downtown—think music, trucks, tanks, uniforms, stars and stripes and more. This year’s theme is : A Special Salute to WWI Veterans - a war that changed the world.  I’m sad to say I’ve never been, but I’ve got it on the calendar for this year!

See the route and plan your parking so you can walk by a coffee shop or a downtown chocolate store here. 


rodeoqueensHoliday Parade
November 17 at 9:45am in downtown Boise, Idaho. Bundle up!   Besides the fact that I really can’t resist marching bands and rodeo queens, I like this parade because there is a great variety of floats and cheerful community spirit.  Our boys like the candy thrown.  

Starts at 10th and Jefferson.  KTVB Channel 7 is usually taping in front of the Capitol building.

See the route and plan your parking