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Can we just take a minute to be grateful for the lack of inversions we had this winter?  I know there was a lot of rain and gray sky, but it’s quite a bit different than being trapped in a cloud of our own pollution gloomy encroaching skies.  We are lookin’ at SPRING and it is GLORIOUS!

March is great in Boise because the crocus flowers definitely pop (if they haven’t already) and you can still ski with a high chance of getting in some bluebird days. There are plenty of fun things to get your mind off the fact that we lose an hour of sleep. Let’s talk about those in chronological order.



illumbrateSaturday, March 2, 2019, 




This is an all-ages, family-friendly, FREE event on March 2nd from 6-10pm.  The heart of it seems to be to foster community and celebrate goodness — “the light inside all of us”  and the website lists all kinds of fun things to do at JUMP like interactive light sculptures, photo booths, and a cloud making activity.  What caught my eye was the silent disco.  At a silent disco everyone gets a pair of headphones that light up in different colors according to the song you are listening to.  There are usually 2-4 channels to choose from.  So as you look around you can see some groups dancing to YMCA and others jumping to Kriss Kross-"... Jump! Jump!" And, if you take your headphones off you'll likely hear some people singing their songs both terribly and enthusiastically.  Scott and I had a blast at a silent disco last year.   (Learn more about Kaleidisco here. )    I think my kids would love it.  See you there!

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Untitled-3March 16



St. Patrick's Day Run

This is a fun race to begin the season.  The vibe is always a jazzed-up with the look on everyone's face like "I’m-so-glad-to-be-out-of-the-winter-cave-I-could-run-for-days". For me it’s a wonderful celebration of my personal health.  It was my first race and the anniversary of the day I quit smoking in 2003.  Last year Scott and I BOTH won first in our age groups!  The weather is always a surprise.  It’s been sunny and full of spring on some years and horribly cold, wet and snowing on others.  The YMCA holds these races in the 5K and 5 mile distances in  Julia Davis Park.  Sign up


March 20-24

All Day


Treefort Music Fest:


I can’t speak to this event, because I’ve never been— music festivals aren’t my thing.  Concerts in the car are my thing. However, I think this one is so multidimensional, I'd really enjoy it.  And I really like how Treefort people do not give up.  The festival hasn’t been profitable since launching in 2012 and still, they press forward— I say commendable because great things are not born overnight.  To me, it might be worth going just for the access to Hackfort (think technology), Film Fort, Comedy Fort, Yoga Fort, Story Fort, Kid Fort, Food Fort, and Skate Fort.  KUDOS to the people (including volunteers) who have pulled this gigantic street party together for it’s 8th year.  Here is a music lover's take on the event last year.  The author gives our community and the festival lots of praise: “The intimate nature of the venues, the relative compactness of the event itself, its integration with the city—all of it gives Treefort this amazingly authentic feel.”  Read more here. 

Find tickets here. 


springbreakcampsMarch 25-29

Spring Break Camps:

If you’re doing a staycation because you aren’t giving in to the double airfare and expectations…or you just get to work, you might be looking for a place for your kids to blow off some steam during the day.  Here are some of the best:


Why? There are YMCAs all over the valley and they are prepped for equipped for this special job— you can take your sporty kids and nerdy kids to the same place because they have all kinds of camps. Sign up.

Bodies in Motion 

Why? They are excellent at making exercise fun and know the kinds of classes and activities kids love.  They have a cafe on the premise with tasty food.   Just know that there is just one location in SE Boise and space usually fills up quickly. Sign up.

City of Boise Classes

Why? There are SO many interesting classes— from battle bots to French pastry making to zoo careers. Know this: If you do not live in Boise, they are quite a bit more expensive. Sign up.

Discovery Center of Idaho

Why?  Discovery Center has loads of science gear at their fingertips.  For Spring Break they have just one class offered to 1-5 Graders and it’s about Humans in Space.  Also more spendy: $225 for non-members. Sign up.



March 28-30 

FIRST Robotics Competition

roboticsFIRST stands for "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" and is an “ all-inclusive, character-driven, K-12 STEM education program that uses robot challenges to build science and technology skills and interests in a holistic way that also inspires self-confidence, leadership, and life skills.”  In this non-profit group, kids learn and practice math and engineering skills in a very tangible way.  The younger grades use Lego-based hardware and the high school students use machines like what you’d see on the tv program BattleBots. We’ve taken our elementary aged boys to watch this for the last few years and it’s impressive!  It’s a different kind of people watching than you would see in other gatherings— full of proud parents, nerdy parents, fun team costumes, people doing their thing and working as a team.  Truly, I leave with gratitude for how this organization is raising the bar and building up the next generation.


Previously held at Taco Bell Arena, this year go to the Idaho Center.  Here is more information: 


Next month look for more info on these favorites and best:

BAM Fashion Show

Race to Robie Creek- (you can volunteer to enjoy it more)

Jim Gaffigan

BSU Spring Scrimmage 

Treasure Valley Skate Adult Night