Boise's Best June Events

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By Keri Swan

We’ve got some oldies but goodies PLUS a couple of brand new events to highlight this month.  Festivals, outdoor concerts, outdoor plays, outdoor everything happens in the summer.  So, get your calendar out and put your FOMO to rest. 


Ice Cream Festival- First Year
Saturday, June 15
$25 (for Grand Event)

It so happens that the Grand Tasting Event of the Ice Cream Festival is on the same big day as Meridian Dairy Days.  If your belly disagrees entirely with dairy, you might have better luck at JUMP.  There will be alternatives to the traditional ice cream there.   Facebook shows 12K people interested in ice cream festival and I’m not surprised.  I interviewed two people this week who admitted they cannot resist this frozen dessert.

The question is, are you willing to pay $25/person for the Grand Tasting Event? Sounds like a great idea for a date.   Can someone please do this for chocolate, too?  

To be clear, there are several days’ worth of “events” all over the Treasure Valley to go along with the festival.  Mostly, local chefs are offering special ice creams to celebrate.  The ones that caught my eye are..

• A collaboration between C4 Creamery and Bacon From 11AM-2PM on Sunday June 2nd after you buy your meal at Bacon you’ll be able to enjoy a free sample of C4 Creamery’s rolled ice cream. 

• A 30 minute Pedals and Ice Cream ride 

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Meridian Dairy Days (the 90th Year!)  Wow. 
June 19-22
Meridian, Idaho- Near Storey Park and Meridian Speedway
Most events free

• Dairy Princess Pageant
• 5K Fun Run
• Arts/Craft Fair
• Monster Trucks at Meridian Speedway
• Pancake Feed
 • Petting Zoo
• Amusement Rides ($22 for wristband online), $30 on site.
• Fireworks on Saturday night
• Parade Saturday night at 6pm

Things that I think SHOULD be at Dairy Days but are not yet:
• Everyone in the parade rides on Holsteins while passing out chocolate milk
• A Cow dung "chips" throwing contests
• Cow pie bingo is played as a game
• Cow milking contests
• Cookies and milk dunking experiments
• Milk mustache model search

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Boise Music Festival — 10th Annual
Saturday, June 22
Expo Idaho
$25 and up

This really isn’t my thing, but I can endorse it because this beautiful human is performing:
Tickets are $25
Variety of genres: acoustic, pop, country, bluegrass, folk, rock, hip-hop and alternative

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Eagle Rodeo
June 6-8th
New Eagle Rodeo Grounds at Avimor

Fierce ladies with ponytails and tough guys with instinctual know-how are what rodeos are made of.  I grew up in a small Idaho town, but definitely not on a farm.  However, I was around those who did and I know that laziness and has no place on a farm or ranch.  They are tough people and I tend to like them. My mom did put me in the mutton bustin’ contest at age 6.  I didn’t win the trophy, but I did begin to love cowboy boots.  So, being a rodeo spectator suits me just fine.

The Eagle Rodeo is now located off Hwy55 north of Avimor village.  All the best events seem to be represented: Saddle Bronc, Steer Wrestling, Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, mutton busting. 

Best things about any rodeo:  Cowboy Hats, Cowboy style, Clowns, the mixed smell of dirt, beer and leather. 

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Boise Water Lantern Festival - 1st year
Saturday, June 22
Julia Davis Park

How it works: You buy a lantern ($25-$40), pick it up at the event, decorate it with included markers, enjoy food trucks/friends/family, and finally, at dusk, light the lanterns and launch them on the water.  It’s intended to be a symbol of something internal— “It is a very emotional experience as you write down some of your hopes and dreams, or a message to a loved one, and then sending it out into the water. It's a moment of beauty, connection, and healing.”

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Emmett Cherry Festival — 84 Years!
June 12-15
Emmett, Idaho

No cost to enter, no admission or gate fees
Free daily entertainment and nightly concerts
Parade and children’s parade
Free entry in to all contests
And, of course, the fun is always Free For All!
My favorite event has to be the Pit Spitting Contest and Cherry Pie Contest.  As is stated in their contest’s application, “In the event of a tie, participants will square off in a Cherry Dive *! *Cherry Dive - No hands! The first person to find the cherry with their face in a plate of whipped cream and pull it up with their teeth by the stem is the official winner!”

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Goin’ for Owen
Friday, June 21
Old Timer’s Shelter at Ann Morrison Park

Austin and Stuart Watson are the parents of a very special boy named Owen.  Owen lives with Dravet Syndrome which means he has a rare form of epilepsy.  He is simply plagued with seizures.  Goin’ for Owen is how his family raises funds to help research and families who live with it.  I can't think of a better reason to run around.

You’ll find some great stuff at their silent auction, or you can eat Wednesday, June 19th at the Spaghetti Feed.  Watch Larry Gebert interview Austin on KTVB Channel 7 June 19th.

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Paint a Bowl for the Idaho Foodbank
June 8, 12-6pm
A Way with Clay (near Fairview and Eagle)

This is the lesser known painting event of the year and SO perfect as many people have more time now. You can choose between $14 and $18 bowls at the new pottery painting studio called A Way with Clay.   They have all the of supplies needed to paint a bowl of your choice, which will then be donated to The Idaho Foodbank's fundraiser. Please purchase your tickets and select which bowl and time so we can be prepared for when you come and paint with us.

Learn more about painting the bowl >>

If you're better at eating ice cream than painting, you should come back to Big Al's on July 21st and buy a bowl full of ice cream. 

Learn more about eating ice cream>>


Stargaze at Bruneau Dunes State Park
Every Friday through the summer
Bruneau Sand Dunes

What to know before you go:

• Check out the map and know that you’ll be driving through some dark isolated desert roads.
• Know the weather— you cannot view a planet, nebula, or a galaxy through the “Obsession” 25-inch Newtonian Reflector telescope if the clouds are going to be in the way.
• Know the schedule.  It changes monthly because our sunset times change through the summer. Welcome to the 42nd parallel!
 •Bring mosquito repellent. Depending on the timing, they are quite possibly the hungriest insects in the state.
• It’s fun to go early and play on the dunes.  They are a good workout and a fun backdrop for summer photos.

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Boise Front Race
June 29th
Bogus Basin

Even though we have a hearty list of trails to run in the area, we don’t have a lot of races. Likely because it’s a more difficult set up and fewer runners take the time to get to trails to run.  Even though it’s obviously far far superior.  Here’s a great race for the following reasons:
1) As it’s HEATING up, you get cooler temps at 5000 feet.
2) You get to run through trees and see awesome views.
3) There are port-a-potties midway.
4) Your cheering section has a comfortable, fun place to hang out while you run and while you’re at Bogus, you can enjoy lunch and/or a ride to the top of deer point.
5) The course has changed a few times, but you can choose between 5 and 10 mile distances.

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June 21
Bogus Basin

This 2-day festival, with shuttle service from Boise available, will have on-site camping along with summer time activities. Tickets for Bogus Fest go on sale Friday, December 14 at 10am with tickets starting at $49.00. Bogus Fest is in an All Ages festival. Children 5 and under receive free admittance. 

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