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April is

My Post (36)...a fresh start on the blue turf or die time for all those Robie Creek racers

...when rhubarb and asparagus make it to the plate

...when mallard ducks land on your roof and waddle around streets twitterpated favorite time to shop at D&B Supply for flowers and to look at baby chicks

 Let's see what else we get to look forward to this month in the Treasure Valleyfrom the first weekend to the last.


BSU Bronco’s Spring Game

My Post (32)April 6th at 3:30pm, Bronco Stadium

We’ve been to the spring scrimmage in both winter coats, gloves, and hats, and short sleeves.  Either way, it’s a good time.  Besides watching offense play defense and any new talent, you can access the field afterward and even get a view from the Stuekle Sky Center.  I mean, my husband is there for the football part.  I’m there for the sunshine, snacks and cheerful crowd part.  Those guys that yell at the players during a game are not so intense on this day.  Learn more >>

Bogus Basin Pond Skim

April 13th from 12-3pm, Bogus Basin

Spring skiing can be some of the best of the season…yet, it is so overlooked.  By the time the sun comes out and your kids a begging to put shorts on, you’ve got the bikes out and working and the snow gear is not even a temptation. However, this event is a fun one to attend. People are usually wearing awesomely ridiculous costumes and your hands sweat more than freeze and there’s just a lot of happy people hangin’ out together.  At the Pond Skimming event, contestants try to make it on their skis from one side of the pond to the other.  Straightforward, wet, slushy fun. Learn more >> 


Easter Eggstravaganza

April 13 from 10am to 5pm, Zoo Boise

zooboiseI would say that if you have little ones, Zoo Boise is a trustworthy institution for time well spent.  They have programs for homeschoolers, teen volunteers, curious adults and they really do make the most of educating the public about the captive animals and actually helping their wild counterparts.  They know how to spread out the crowds and do events that make sense.  Candy, eggs, prizes, bunny photo-ops, face painting!??  Check, check, done.  You’ll also get to see animals play with ‘enrichment’ toys throughout the day.  Once I saw something like a phone book in the monkey cage.  It was all ripped up and I was like, “Me, too, man.  Those things are worthless.” Website says they'll be "passing out over 30,000 pieces of candy and eggs and zoo prizes" Learn more >>

Race to Robie Creek

April 20th at Noon, Fort Boise Park

The Race to Robie Creek is known as the Northwest’s toughest half marathon.  It goes up for 10 miles and then down a steep three.  3000 race entries usually sell out in hours.  The mass start is from Military Reserve.  It’s a big deal and a hard race.  If you are in the running community it's one of those rites of passage that says, "I"m a real runner."   If you’re not racing or cheering on your people, you can volunteer. Learn more >>


Resurrection Sunday

Because He lives!  Some places for worship:

Times/places of worship.


Gaffigan : Quality Time Tour

April 27th at 8pm, Taco Bell Arena

Jim Gaffigan comes to Taco Bell Arena again.  He talks a lot about his 5 kids, his soft physique, and great eating habits. His comedy is comfortable for the whole family.  So take them and have a laugh!  Want to hear some samples?  Tickets range from $33-$100.  Even if you don’t go, have a good laugh from his tours a few years ago on Youtube here:  


Learn more and buy tickets >> 

Art of Fashion Show: INDULGE

April 27th at 6pm, Boise Art Museum

Indulge-Logo-450x235This fashion show/contest/fundraiser is all about clothes and art therefore it is my jam. Local artists are challenged with creating a wearable piece within a theme.  Models show off the artist's designs on the runway and the audience votes for their favorite.   It’s a great people watching event and you get to peruse the museum’s collections that same night.  I’m always impressed by the ideas and talent and courage from every contestant. It’s been standing room only for a few years now.   In fact, it’s sold out already.  I’m still keeping it on this list because you need to know about it for next year.  And, like pretty much everything awesome here, you’re going to want to go early, buy tickets early, park early, get seats early…and know early.  You’re welcome.  Learn more>>

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Run for Autism

April 27th at 68-10:30am, Veterans Memorial Park

RunForAutism_SuperHero_2019-768x768This is a very special race that starts and finishes at Veterans Memorial Park.  We have been running this for a few years and I'm always happy to see support for families with autism-- of which there are many. The CDC estimates autism’s prevalence as 1 in 68 children in the United States. This includes 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.

I think an important thing about going, even if you don't have autism in your family, is teaching yourself and your kids about how to love and help people who are in that place. I know for myself, that it can be intimidating at might be scared to do or say the wrong thing.  But if you talk to your kids about engaging instead of staring, loving instead of judging... and simply go with a smile and earnest desire to learn and look these kids in the eyes, you'll learn you won't be sad you did.  Those parents desperately desire their kids to be treated with respect and grace and love and it will fill their bucket AND your own to be brave here.  Read more from a local mom of two special needs children and dear friend of mine about how to help families like this on   Sign up for the race >>